The Archimedes Approach

The Archimedes Financial Planning approach suits people who want something more than an industry standard approach; people who want input on key decisions such as their level of financial risk and wealth preservation. Unlike other financial planning companies, we do not have a one size fits all approach. You, as a client, have self determination in terms of the level of financial risk and wealth preservation using personal insurances.

Archimedes Financial Planning – quality advice using logic and analysis.

Most people's decision-making is an emotional process, particularly in times of stress. But emotional rather than rational decisions in financial planning can result in poor decisions, with consequently less wealth.

Archimedes Financial Planning offers a different approach, based on logic, using the highly successful analytical approach employed by the petroleum exploration industry. This uses logic and modeled analysis to decide whether to invest in projects (many of which are very risky), and if so, how much and when?

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Our approach to wealth creation minimises emotional factors in decision making, allowing you to choose between alternative strategies, thereby increasing the probability of higher wealth creation.

You decide how much and when

After an analysis of your situation, we work with you to decide, from a range of possible options, how much of your wealth should be exposed to financial risk, where, and when, in order to have a higher probability of achieving your financial goals. We use our in-house scientific skills and knowledge to educate you on the likely outcomes of relevant strategies for your circumstances, and then let you decide.

Financial planning strategic work is conducted from our Aspley office location, but we regularly meet with clients throughout Australia in all capital cities.

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