Archimedes Publications

This page provides a list of publications by staff of Archimedes Financial Planning.

Financial Publications

Predicting commodity prices booms and busts: a scientific approach  PESA News, august 2015

Are commodity price fluctations predictable? ASEG Preview April 2015

Prediction of resources market index using a scientific process - an update
Presentation to the Mining Resources 2014 Convention [video presentation - click on link Archimedes Financial planning - Mr Noll Moriarty at bottom pf page)

Warning: the Economy is not a reliable guide to resournces industry returns" Presentation ot Mining 2013 Resources Conference, Octobler 2013.

'Oil price forecasting using probabilistic projection of the United States dollar.' (pdf, 1.22mb). Paper in April 2011 APPEA Conference. Click here for webcast of 15 September 2011 Perth PESA presentation.

'Myths Exposed on what controls base metals and gold prices.' (pdf, 780 kb). Paper presented at ASEG 2010 conference.

'Accurate forecasting of oil & gold prices: Strong influence of the US Dollar.' (pdf, 524 kb). Published in PESA News, August 2009.

'Base metals and gold prices: strong influence of US dollar valuation.' (pdf, 1.95 mb). Published in ASEG Preview, August 2009.

'The Australian Economy and performance of the sharemarket.' (pdf, 1.95mb). Published in SPE News, Nov-Dec 2008.

'Performance of ASX Resource Stocks.' (pdf, 1.23 mb). Published in ASEG Preview, August 2003.

'Volatility matters - the case for investment in resource stocks.' (pdf, 1.21 mb). Published in ASEG Preview December 2001. Volatility Matters

'Portfolio Risk reduction: Optimising selection of resource projects by use of financial industry techniques.' (pdf, 315kb). Presented at ASEG Conference 2001. Portfolio Risk Reduction

If you are interested in content of geophysical papers that Noll Moriarty wrote in his previous incarnation, here are some:

'3-Dimensional Seismic Surveying in the Otway Basin' (pdf 1.93mb). Published 1995. Paper received best presentation award at the ASEG Conference .

'Otway Basin Seismic Acquisition: Less Field Effort = Better Data Quality.' (pdf, 1.95mb). Published 1992. Paper received Highly Commended citation.

'Dephasing of Seismic Data.' (pdf 333kb). Published 1987 ASEG Conference

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