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Let's discuss what quality Financial Planning is all about.

To illustrate the Value-Adding process, review results from this hypothetical case study of a couple seeking financial advice

Some questions to ponder:

  • Do you have control of your ‘bad’ debt?
  • Do you know if your investment mix is appropriate given your goals?
  • Do you know if your current investments are performing at peak efficiency (maximum after-tax returns)?
  • Have you sufficiently insured your greatest asset - yourself?
  • When you retire, how likely is it you’ll have the savings to enjoy the lifestyle you want?
  • Should you die prematurely, how likely is it that your assets will be transferred tax effectively to your beneficiaries?

We discuss these, and lots more, questions during our comprehensive financial planning process. The aim is to educate clients so that they make informed decisions in achieving life goals.

Some of our specialist areas of financial advice include:

  • Optimising the selection of wealth creation, debt reduction, superannuation and retirement strategies
  • Employing ‘Efficient Frontier’ techniques to maximise investment returns for a given risk profile
  • Providing independent benchmarking and feedback on investment performance
  • Using appropriate personal insurances to protect your wealth.

Our approach focuses on your total situation and needs - your investments, debts, goals, tax, personal insurances, and estate planning.

A holistic financial plan is developed that considers your current and expected future situation. It has the appropriate flexibility to evolve as your needs or situation change.

This process ensures decisions made now set you on the right path to achieving realistic goals within a structured framework.

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