Strategies in retirement

Wealth management in retirement

After you have retired, its important to strike the right balance between how much to spend on lifestyle expenses now and how much to keep for the future. We can help you decide how quickly you draw down on superannuation and other savings, and manage your assets to provide you with a reasonable income in retirement.

If you already have a substantial investment portfolio, and you're not happy with the current wealth management plan or variability in returns you're getting, we can look at ways to lower the risk and/or raise the returns on your current portfolio.

Alternatively if you have substantial assets and a substantial retirement income but do not have an investment portfolio, we can work with you to develop one based on your needs.


Our approach to retirement planning

At Archimedes Financial Planning we develop integrated retirement planning strategies that let you decide how best to proceed. We offer a free no-obligation first meeting and you can contact us online or by telephone to arrange an appointment at a convenient time.

We would not normally be able to assist someone without substantial assets at this stage of their life, except to discuss pros and cons of a reverse mortgage.

Reverse mortgage services

Centrelink's Financial Information Service can give you free information about your options at retirement. You don't need to be a Centrelink client to benefit from this service. However, the Age Pension does not provide a high standard of living.

One strategy that provides extra income is to take out a Reverse Mortgage, which means, in essence, that while you continue to live in your home, a bank will provide either lump sum or regular payments to you for extra expenses. The amount paid is based on your age and the value of the house.

With a Reverse Mortgage, you don't need to repay the loan while you continue to live in the home. Refer to the ASIC website for more information, or check out the ASIC Reverse Mortgage calculator

Reverse Mortgages should be used with caution. There are downsides to drawing upon your equity, principally that the inheritance you may be planning to leave to beneficiaries may be reduced more than you thought.

Noll Moriarty is an Australian Loan Company credit representative and is accredited by Senior Australians Equity Release Association of Lenders (SEQUAL) to provide Reverse Mortgages. 

Reverse Mortgage placement is provided as a credit representative of Australian Loan Company, not Professional Investment Services AFSL.

If you need assistance with this, contact us today to find out how we can help you with retirement income. There's no obligation or cost for the first meeting.

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