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Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Archimedes Financial Planning.

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What did you do before giving financial advice?

Noll Moriarty worked for 20 years in petroleum exploration industry as geophysicist & exploration manager. He has university degrees B.Sc (Hons) and M.Sc (Hons) with majors in maths/physics/geology

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Why are you in the financial planning business?

Noll saw interesting parallels between risk management techniques of petroleum and financial industries - both form portfolios and aim to maximise returns. In his view, the petroleum industry has more advanced assessment techniques (eg EMV, monte carlo modelling) so he thought 'Why not apply these proven techniques to personal financial planning?' So here we are! (And we really enjoy the technical challenges of helping people build wealth efficiently)

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Are you successful?

Yes. We have many tens of millions of dollars under direct advice, placed by select clients throughout Australia, some based internationally.

Our clients respond to the scientifically rigorous approach and evaluation of alternatives

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What are your financial qualifications and memberships?

Noll Moriarty

  • Has completed Deakin University's Diploma of Financial Planning (he was awarded Distinction grade in all units)
  • He is also an awarded Certified Financial Planner™, which is the highest membership level of the Financial Planning Association of Australia
Shane Henderson
  • Holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Canterbury
  • Has completed an Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning with Kaplan Professional Education
  • Is an Accredited Financial Planner
  • Is a Member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia 


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What are the main characteristics of your clients?

Our clients are select people who are serious about building, or already have, significant wealth.

All readily accept that their money management efforts are no match for those of a qualified and dedicated wealth specialist.

All clients have other things in life to do than manage finances and continually optimise strategies.

All are willing to initially make significant time for input to a fully integrated plan, then sit back and relax while I manage their strategies.

All are decisive when presented with well researched pros and cons for a range of strategies.

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So what do you give advice on?

Pretty well everything that matters:

  • budgeting and debt management strategies
  • strategic advice on wealth creation and investments
  • superannuation including Self-Managed Super Funds
  • retirement planning
  • direct shares and managed funds
  • commercial property
  • personal insurances (life / total and permanent disablement / trauma / income protection)
  • taxation strategies
  • estate planning (tax-effectively passing on assets to beneficiaries)
  • mortgage broking and commercial finance (through Australian Loan Company Ltd)

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Do you select the actual investments?

Yes, if that is what the client wants (most do when they see how we develop integrated investment strategies). We also regularly review performances and propose necessary fine-tuning, such as when to take profits. The client retains full control and must authorise all changes.

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What are your special financial skills?

We have an absolute passion to make sure our advice is personalised and right We combine the best risk management techniques of the petroleum and financial industries – hence the construction of our "Efficient Frontier" portfolios that target above average returns and below average risk.

We regularly benchmark investment results against median performances.

Efficient Portfolios

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How much does the advice cost?

Our costs are far less than the expected benefits.

Costs range from a few hundred dollars to thousands, depending on the complexity of and time required for the advice.

Smart people will compare cost of our advice against the cost of not taking advice (i.e. maintaining their status quo).

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Do you get paid by commissions or fee?

Investments are placed in the wholesale world that has no trailing commissions (unlike retail products). Being wholesale, there is no product-driven bias to recommend one product over another.

However, since optimising portfolios requires regular review, we charge an ongoing fee to cover both costs of accessing reliable independent research and time to prepare regular profit-taking recommendations. The ongoing fee is charged as a percentage of invested amount, which aligns completely the interests of client and adviser.

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Where are the investments held?

We exclusively use the Asgard Mastertrust as the vehicle to access all wholesale investments. Asgard is chosen because it has a very wide range of investments (direct shares and managed funds), is competitively priced and all instructions are submitted electronically.

We do not have any ties to Asgard. For efficiency reasons, we do not use any other Mastertrust. Improving our efficiency reduces costs for clients. (This means a prospective client who already has wholesale investments held elsewhere will have to move to Asgard. This would entail CGT. Strategies to address this are discussed as part of the initial planning).

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Where are you based and how do you work with clients located elsewhere?

We are based in Aspley, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. If an interstate client requires face-to-face meeting, we fly to them (at our expense).

Most of the initial communication to develop strategies is via phone, email & PowerPoint presentations.

After strategies are agreed, progress is reviewed in face-to-face meetings with clients at least once year (we fly interstate).

The frequency of meeting with Brisbane-based clients is no more than interstate clients.

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Do you provide referrals so prospective clients can discuss your approach and results?

Yes, provided names are kept confidential.

Our client ages and situations range from young single people through to people in retirement.

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How should a person decide if they are suited to your advice?

Firstly, check your compatibility with the question above: "What are the main characteristics of your clients?"

Secondly, decide your primary focus when considering advice; are you cost sensitive or interested in benefits after costs? If the latter, talk to us.

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