Our Costs

Costs are funded from your investment portfolio

In life, there are no free lunches, but our aim is to more than recoup your costs after implementing our optimised investment strategies for the first year.

We develop wealth management strategies that are self-funding, with ongoing costs paid from the investment portfolio instead of your after-tax income. We have proven from past clients that your investment costs can be funded from cash flow, and that's what we're experts at.

Doing it yourself may be cheaper, but will it produce better results than ours, given consideration of risks taken?

How we are paid.

We charge a fee-for-service initially, and then we charge a percentage fee on the amount of your investment, based on complexity and amount invested. So there’s a good incentive for us to keep the returns up – it means we benefit as well as you!

Our fee structure

Our fee structure is as follows:

  • a fee-for-service for the Strategy Stage
    • $550 - $1,650 for low complexity plans (eg budgeting and cash-flow advice, saving for a goal such as home deposit)
    • typically $2,200 - $5,500 for medium complexity financial plans
    • higher cost for very complex situations involving millions of dollars in a variety of investment structures (eg direct shares / managed funds / commercial and residential property held in a variety of legal entities such as family trusts, companies, self-managed super, personal names)
  • if your financial plan requires only personal insurances, usually there are no additional chargesother than the above fee-for-service (the insurance premium includes a commission, whichwedisclose to you)
  • we may charge a percentage of any initial investment amount, depending on the complexity of the Strategy Stage modelling. If so, this is typically between 0% to ~2% depending on the complexity of the plan and the fee paid for the Strategy Stage - the higher the Strategy Stage fee, the lower the percentage of initial amount. The initial fee is capped for investment amounts larger than $500,000.
  • an ongoing portfolio management fee is paid from the portfolio earnings, not your employment income. It is required to cover the cost of accessing independent research and time for us to regularly optimise your portfolio (typically 6 or 12 monthly; can be 3 monthly):
    • an ongoing fee is charged as a percentage of invested amount – the better your investment returns, the better off we both are
    • the total ongoing fee depends on the amount invested, typically around 1% pa for low complexity strategies ranging up to about 1.5-2% pa for higher complexity strategies (more frequent reviews targeting higher returns)
    • ongoing fee covers the total cost of both Archimedes Financial Planning and the wholesale platform required to administer our Efficient Frontier portfolio approach.  Keep in mind the fees you pay are not important - focus on what you get after the fees!

Given the value-adding and client-centric services we provide, our costs are very competitive. View our testimonials from satisfied customers

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