Our Methodology

How is the Archimedes methodology different to other financial planners?

We differ in approach, costs and results.

We educate and empower you

We educate and empower you to make decisions, based on our advice. At the start of the planning process, we educate you about the pros and cons of alternative strategies, so that you are able to make an informed choice.

We employ quantitative analysis and rigor.

Underpinning our advice is an analytical scientific approach, which has been proven over 10 years. Our exclusive Efficient Frontier methodology quantifies risk much more effectively than most planners. Risk is necessary for returns, but the Efficient Frontier can reduce risk while raising return.

View an independent analysis from the Mercer database of our success rate using the Efficient Frontier (pdf, 111kb)

All costs are quoted upfront and fully disclosed.

Unlike many financial planners, our costs are fully disclosed before clients commit to the strategies – there are no nasty surprises.

The planning process

The planning process proceeds in three main stages:

  • Initial No-obligation Stage:you provide a snap-shot of your circumstances so we can provide a fixed fee quote for the Strategy Stage
  • Strategy Stage:we provide you with educational material to read, and work with you consider various strategies covering wealth creation and wealth preservation
  • Decision Stage:you make an informed decision on how you wish to proceed, given the benefits and costs of many alternative strategies discussed in the Strategy Stage.

Read about our full process and methodologies here (PDF, 96kb)

More about our approach to financial goal-setting and wealth management.

Investment recommendations are based on independent research from major research companies such as van Eyk, Lonsec, Standard and Poors, Morningstar and other sources including the Australian Stock Exchange, Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Reserve Bank of Australia.

To help decide between alternative strategies, we often talk in terms of probabilities of various outcomes and the range of the expected returns from the short to long terms. (This uses monte-carlo modelling of financial outcomes with Expected Monetary Value EMV to help decide upon the best strategy. You don’t have to understand the intricacies of this process, but should take comfort there is scientific rigour behind our analyses).

For conventional asset sectors, we have a strong preference to use wholesale managed funds and as appropriate direct equities. Unlike retail managed funds, wholesale managed funds have no entry/exit fees and do not pay a trailing commission. This ensures that our recommendations are not influenced by commission rates.

Wholesale investments and direct equities are administered by the Asgard Master Trust.. Archimedes Financial Planning has no ties to Asgard, but uses Asgard because it has the broad range of investments required to implement Efficient Frontier portfolios.

There is usually a lot for a client to absorb in this initial phase (take comfort that once it is all decided, you can get on with you own life while we manage the process and provide regular reports!).

This initial phase can progress quickly(eg 1-2 weeks) if necessary or at a more measured rate (eg 1-2 months). Since we are developing a very long-term plan, it’s important to understand that a quick plan is unlikely to be a good plan because alternative strategies haven’t been explored in sufficient depth.

A final comment: we are flexible and will adjust this process if you have different needs or expectations.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you plan for your future. There’s no obligation or cost for the first meeting.

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