Self Managed Super Funds

Not happy with the performance of your self managed super fund?

Are you unhappy with the returns you’re getting for your Self Managed Super Fund? Do you find you have limited time to optimise its investment mix?

You need time and expertise for reasonable returns

Most Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) trustees we talk to are very confident in their ability to make investment decisions and to get an above-average return without professional advice.

However when we review their investment strategy and returns, we usually find that a significant proportion of the funds have not performed as well as the trustees believed (mainly through not being appropriately diversified or being over exposed to under-performing asset sectors). These weaknesses are either due to the trustees not having the time to devote to the research and implementation of the wealth management strategy, or simply not having the required up-to-date knowledge.

We have time if you don’t

Successful wealth management strategies require a broad and current knowledge of the investment market trends, for which many people simply don’t have time. But it’s our business to keep up to date with the latest information and spend time finding the better options, and informing clients of the choices.

We have expertise too, with our proven Efficient Frontier approach

Archimedes Financial Planning can help you to develop leading edge investment portfolios for wealth management through your SMSF, using our exclusive Efficient Frontier portfolio methodology.

The underlying basis of our Efficient Frontier investment methodology was developed over many years in the petroleum industry, and we have shown that it also works for the financial sector.

Instead of the one-size-fits-all approach that you will get with most financial advisers, who simply focus on a one-dimensional approach of past or expected returns, we include two more dimensions – the investment volatility and correlation of investment returns with other assets.

The effect of this approach is that your portfolio returns are optimised according to your level of tolerance of risk. In short, you decide how much volatility (or risk) you can tolerate, and we then design portfolios that aim to generate above-average returns. We continually fine-tune the asset sector mix to take profits.

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Time-consuming fund investment strategy and ATO obligations

You may have found that the responsibility for the fund’s investment functions is time-consuming and tedious. We can assist you with this, to free you up for other things.

Keeping up to date with compliance can also be an inconvenience. In addition, the ATO is increasing its audits of SMSF activity and administration, and ignorance of these responsibilities will not absolve you from prosecution. We either work with your current administrator on compliance, or outsource the administration to a specialist.

No obligation first meeting.

If you don’t have the broad knowledge of required investment knowledge, or simply don’t have time to administer your fund, talk to us about how we can improve your SMSF wealth management strategy, as well as removing an onerous burden. There’s no charge for the first meeting, and no obligation to proceed.

You can make an appointment over the phone by calling us on 1300 387 351 during office hours (+61 7 3863 1846 for calls outside Australia) or contact us directly online.

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