Archimedes Financial Planning Testimonials

"I have known Noll for over 25 years, firstly as a member of the ASEG and more recently as a Financial adviser. Prior to working with Noll I canvassed a number of his present and past clients, all of whom indicated a strong respect for Noll and his approach.

Noll has taken his understanding of Risks and Uncertainties developed in Resource Exploration and brought them to the Financial Environment. As an explorer it is easy to understand and makes sound sense, the major focus being on the Uncertainties and the range of possible outcomes.

Noll handles his clients in a very professional manner and ensures that they are fully aware of the choices available and that the choice is theirs and theirs alone.

Many people when looking for an adviser concentrate on Portfolio performance (often in the short term), whilst this is in part a reasonable measure as we all wish to make a profit, the advice has to be taken on board to be effective - remember the choice is the client's.

To date I have bee very happy with Noll as an adviser and the results achieved. I am also looking forward to a long term relationship as I near and enter into my retirement".

Eric Allison,
Sydney (client since 2010)


We wish to thank Archimedes for all your help and advice these past 10 years; yes it has been 10 years now that you have been our Financial Advisor. Archimedes has changed and grown enormously in this time; as has our wealth and confidence in its professionalism and services. You have tailored and structured our finances, thereby creating and consolidating our wealth with your systematic and comprehensive approach. This has made our transition to retirement very easy (financially) and stress free.

Your individual service and professionalism is much appreciated.
We have no hesitation in recommending Archimedes Financial Services to our colleagues, friends and family; we already have.

Alan and Philomena Anderson,
Pt Rickaby, SA  (clients since 2002) 


Noll and his team were very professional and scientific in their approach to financial planning. We really appreciated the big emphasis they had on educating us on financial decisions we faced during the financial planning process. This helped us take informed decisions with risks that we understand and can manage.  We now feel confident that our financial plan is healthy and secure. Thank You Archimedes Financial Planning!

Vinu Dias 

Perth WA (client since 2013)


My wife and I are great fans of Noll Moriarty and Archimedes' approach to financial planning. While the process of establishing the clients goals, assets and risk profiles are standard approaches across the industry, Archimedes stands out in being totally impartial and of facilitating the process to ensure that a high quality client profile is developed as a starting point.

Archimedes' advice is impartial and transparent – there are no hidden bits – and Noll and his team perform in-depth research customised for the client to highlight the upside as well as downside of any financial planning strategy. There are also regular updates to take into account changes to client circumstances or to the external environment. Lastly there is the added bonus of Archimedes' proprietary tools that is a unique value add to the client.

Paul Dominic,
Beijing, China (client since 2009)


"My wife and I had worked with financial advisors in the past but were looking to work with a company that provided us with a level of education on the different investment options as well as advice and recommendations. We wanted to feel more in control of our destiny so we could make informed decisions and not just be told what we should do.  Archimedes took that approach which initially meant more ‘homework’ for us while we devleoped a plan suited to our needs which overall was a much better outcome than having something prescribed.

The majority of our current investments are in the stock market and we really like Archimedes contrarian approach to the market; detailed monitoring and analysis based on scientific, proven formulas. The approach takes the emotional reaction to market changes out of the equation and has so far provided us with long-term average returns that are better than the market.

Further, Archimedes reporting is fantastic and evolving all the time. We really wanted to have a clear view on our current position, forward projections for wealth creation, personal insurances and retirement planning and the current reports provide exactly that – the high level ‘dashboard’ view of where we are and where we are projecting to be and then the full details behind that, that we can drill down into if required."
Gavin and Lyndal Douglas,

Brisbane Qld, (clients since 2007)


Archimedes Financial Planning has provided financial planning services for us since 2003. Key qualities are the thorough and professional approach and honesty; all of these are essential when financial planning services are required.

The true value of Archimedes Financial Planning's methodology is abundantly clear when markets are taking a battering. I highly recommend Archimedes Financial Planning as a financial planner particularly to anyone with a reasonable understanding of risk management".

Garth & Gena Evans

Brisbane Qld, (clients since 2003)


We have been clients of Archimedes for some time now following a referral from a friend. When choosing who to invest your money with I would rather know the reasons why someone is recommending something rather than it being someone’s opinion or because it’s a better return for them.

What I most appreciate is that Noll and his team are able to provide analysis and evidence for any recommendations. This coupled with the time taken by the team to educate and explain any financial concept means that I am comfortable any decision I make has a factual basis rather than spin. As an analyst myself, I understand the importance of evaluating information and using this to provide recommendations to enable the best possible outcomes.

We have no hesitation in recommending Archimedes Financial Services for their range of services and look forward to a long and productive relationship with them.
Ben and Nadine Gyetvay,
Brisbane Qld (clients since 2007)


 I have known Noll from the early 90's when he was an internal client in a major oil & gas company. Noll had a well-deserved reputation for attention to detail - certainly didn't make my life easy. 

But later it was that attention to detail that convinced me I could trust Archimedes Financial Planning with our hard-earned cash. It has only been a couple of years but we are very happy that Archimedes is ahead of the curve and has a philosophy that should keep us there (barring a global black swan event that will impact everybody).  

Their approach is consistent and well-communicated both within the company and externally to their clients.  We are very comfortable with the approach to risk that is taken by Archimedes similar to techniques used in the oil industry to evaluate the likelihood of success of projects involving large capital outlays.

Our investments are small by comparison but still critical to us.  The team at Archimedes clearly understand that!

 Ian Hawkshaw

Perth, WA (client since 2014)


I have known Noll since the 1980s when we both worked in the upstream Australian oil & gas industry, at which time I became aware of his analytical skills in identifying and quantifying petroleum exploration prospects. These skills, particularly involving quantitative analysis and probability assessment, along with his interest in financial markets, have been very effectively combined in Noll’s role as a financial advisor since 2000.  Knowing Noll’s background, diligence, integrity and systematic approach, my wife and I were happy to transfer oversight of our superannuation fund to Archimedes Financial Planning. We are very pleased that we did this.

At the outset, Noll was meticulous in devising the optimal structure for our fund to match our situation, advising ways to maximize value through salary-sacrifice and allowable after-tax contributions, while strictly complying with government regulations and reporting requirements. His investment recommendations are always well researched and backed by sound data. But unlike many advisors he is happy to incorporate our own input, to the extent that I select some of the mining and energy stocks while Noll achieves the more diversified portfolio across other investment sectors. This flexibility allows us to respond fast to opportunities and constantly adjust the portfolio mix in line with changes in the market, a process that has served us well over time.

We commend Noll and his backup staff for the high quality service, the timeliness of comprehensive and clearly illustrated quarterly Portfolio Reviews, the consistency of portfolio monitoring and investment parison but still critical to us.  The team at Archimedes clearly understand that!recommendations, and the fact that Archimedes Financial Planning is prepared to take contrarian views based on its own analysis and unique statistical methodologies. At a time when investment advisors are under pressure in extremely difficult market conditions, Archimedes Financial Planning stands out from the crowd on account of professional competence, communication skills, and the results that achieved on behalf of clients.

  David Hobday,
  Port Macquarie NSW, (client since 2006)


I am pleased to provide this testimonial for the team at Archimedes Financial Services in recognition of the excellent service and financial results delivered.

I met Noll at an Oil & Gas conference and exhibition some years ago and was impressed with his investment methodology. At the time I had accumulated a substantial superannuation balance but was not certain I was getting the best value out of my company nominated fund. I reviewed the situation but it was a year or more before I made the switch to Archimedes, a wasted year in hindsight.

Noll is not and never will be a high pressure sales person. My sales team in Oil and Gas operated on similar lines, listen, understand the customer needs and deliver value. I spent some time studying and understanding the detailed regular reports from Archimedes. Frequently I found the investment advice in the media at odds with what I observed in my business role and I found Archimedes contrarian advice more in line with my own thoughts. This is not too say I accepted every single recommendation from Archimedes without question. In my regular reviews with the Archimedes team we would discuss particular recommendations which I did not agree with or not understand. The Archimedes team were very patient in explaining why such recommendations were made.

The time and detail provided by Archimedes gave me much greater confidence and understanding of the investment strategy. This was in quite a contrast to previous superannuation funds where I was a single member amongst millions and there was no personal service.

The end result was my investment grew substantially and allowed me to move to a new phase of my life managing my own small business when I left Oil & Gas. I have no hesitation in recommending the team at Archimedes Financial Services and only wish I had met and become a customer earlier in my career.

John Howe 

  Albany, WA (client 2012-16)


For years I searched for what seemed like trying to find the Holy Grail, a financial planner who provided advice for my financial security not for their own financial gain. The previous advice always included taking out life insurance or borrowing money for them to invest in products provided by them. Subsequent analysis of their advice has indicated that I would have lost substantial amounts of money and they would have made solid financial gains.
I have known Noll for over 30 years and through a common friend’s recommendation I engaged Noll to be my advisor. The service Noll’s Archimedes provides is based on the client’s needs. The company supplies on-going communications about how I am tracking. Their up to date advice on a full range of investments has consistently been correct. Based on Noll’s recommendations I have managed to stay above my target which is exceptional given the poor market returns over the last 5 years.

At last I have found the Holy Grail, Archimedes, a financial planner that provides a personalised professional service, tailored to meet my needs, which I can trust and whose priority is my financial security not theirs.
  Stuart Jones,  
   Adelaide SA, (client since 2007)


I have known Noll for over 20 years as we were in the oil and gas industry together.  When Noll left to set up in financial planning, I was interested in discussing the move with him, as the analytical skills required for financial planning are very similar to those required for geophysics.  He has undertaken my financial planning for about ten years now, and I am very happy with the results. 

I have found Noll to be honest, hard-working and knowledgeable, and he brings an intellectual rigour to the process which makes him stand out from the crowd.  He listens to what we want, and adjusts his recommendations so they fit with our needs.  We have no hesitation in recommending Archimedes Financial Planning and its approach.

  Wal Muir CEO Aleator Energy and Elizabeth Muir,
Brisbane, (clients since 2001)


"Previously with everything else going on in life – work, study, sport, travelling, socialising….etc., managing and organising our finances was always something that would get done tomorrow, but after a few years of ‘tomorrow’ it was obvious we needed a new strategy.  Working with Noll and leveraging off his experience and expertise was the catalyst to enable us to organise a sound financial plan to enable us to meet short and long term goals. Ongoing management of our finances by Noll also provides peace of mind that after the initial good work has been completed we won’t drop the ball going forwards.".

  Margi Lovegrove & Steven Pearce ,
 Wales, UK (clients since December 2011)


What initially appealed to us about Archimedes Financial Planning was their approach towards risk. They have a clear strategy on how they estimate risk, based on petroleum exploration methods, that seems pretty sensible to us as geologists.  In our initial set-up meetings, they worked hard to make sure that we understood the nuances of financial risk and uncertainty and in fact, they challenged and changed some of our preconceived notions. 

We became Archimedes clients just before we moved overseas, and they have been amazingly accommodating with all the extra financial planning and reporting requirements that comes with being ex-pats. We will stick with them because they continue to offer a very high level of service, financial education and advice.
Tim Rolph and Jen Wadsworth
Houston, Texas (clients since 2012)


We have been using Noll’s financial services since 2003.  Given Noll’s earlier background in the mathematical / statistically challenging geophysical  arena I felt that at last I had found a Financial Planner that did not just rely on in house  investing instruments that to me seem more designed to line the pockets of the Planner and their company rather than evolving plans beneficial to the investor.

During the time I have used Noll I spent 4 years overseas during which he managed my affairs in Australia diligently with minimal input from me. This removed many financial worries and also importantly increased my investments considerably.
I find that Archimedes' has a unique style that is constructed around statistically evaluating markets and is not controlled by mainstream logic. It has developed what I would class as its own forward financial modelling  package developed from data that Noll gathered from past that he applies to my superannuation investments.

With Noll’s guidance we developed a risk profile to guide my investments which is updated on a regular basis. I can have as much input as I require but generally I am guided by Noll’s suggestions. It is also important to note that Noll actually listens and then develops a plan.

We have no hesitation in recommending Archimedes Financial Planning as Financial Advisors whom in my opinion relieve me of the stress of managing my superannuation investments.

  Nick and Diane Sheard,
  Brisbane Qld, (clients since 2003)


If you’re looking for a financial planner who looks at the short term gyrations of the financial markets then bases a recommendation on the current fashion for investing then Archimedes is not for you.

If you want advice based on a long term view backed by a knowledge of what has happened to financial markets in similar circumstances by using the experience of decades of results to use as a guide to present conditions then Archimedes can give you the tools to make your investment decision easier.

If you want a financial planner to give you the answer on where to invest based on meaningless comparisons of unrelated data then don’t go to Archimedes.
BUT if you want some real information using correlations based on real facts that can be shown to be meaningful, then Archimedes can give you useful information that will help your understanding of the markets and why they react as they do.

For good solid advice based on the facts, a deep understanding of the markets, and using a statistical approach that supplies a scientific answer to the likely future market movements, Archimedes gives you the information you need to invest for your future in a way that suits your needs. 

Being informed and keeping you regularly informed is something that Archimedes does really well.  This is important to allow you to alter your investments in a timely manner based on reason rather than on sentiment.

We thoroughly recommend Archimedes Financial Planning to anyone who wants quality advice to help secure their financial future. 

Barry & Claire Willis, 

Brisbane Qld (clients since 2007) 

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